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One of our favorite finds is: FREE BITCOIN You can see that in the Computers & Internet Section.  This is something that anyone with a Computer and a Heartbeat should have a look at.  This is where you can (in less than 5 minutes) be registered, give free bitcoin, and be able to let your Computer run an Amazing and TOTALLY SECURE application on your PC, where you will literally be mining (thus earning) bitcoin.

It is literally like giving you several dollars to just get going, tell you to let the application run (without interfering with your needs on your Computer) and telling you to wait on it and let it build up… because… this could literally give you cash for paying off debts, buying homes, cars, or letting you become in charge of your life.  WANT even more – we have it… be sure to REGISTER to our E-Zine Newsletter.  GO HERE and subscribe on the Right Hand side of the screen.


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Here is one of my favorite finds: Movie Pass.  Also, I saw that in the Arts & Entertainment Section.  This is 100 % Legitimate and Honest.  Furthermore, a way to gain full and unlimited access to all the Movies you can Watch. There is no better way.  It great Service, most people have never seen or heard of.  (Great find here!!! – Be sure to check it out)

We cover from a to z a broad range of items. We are adding new things all the time these are products that we use and like. As a direct-to-consumer program and service that works and has savings, they are added to the list. They are put into the shopping mall in their proper category.

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