Activewear from Kadyluxe

Activewear from Kadyluxe was designed by an NBA dancer who didn’t like what they got from the pros and came up with her designs. They had nothing to match their level of athleticism that honored the female spirit as sports fans. Born out of the idea that women deserved amazing sports apparel; activewear that is sex and comfortable activewear.

Kadyluxe leggings express the authentic superpower of the female body that creates all that you attract in your life and forward. Go straight from the gym to work or out on the town as you ladies we love how it looks.


Activewear that is designed to celebrate, and doesn’t objectifies the female body’s beauty. With a deep understanding, of how the female body works and moves, which informs all the details from the fit and feel of the fabric. 25 years of classical ballet training has given her a deep understanding of how the female body moves. Furthermore, it informs us in every detail from the fit and feel of the fabric.


A smart, powerful woman takes up space and can move in any direction she chooses. She’s a bold, courageous badass who shines her light, shares her gifts, and doesn’t let anything stop her.


Inclusivity. A place for women to feel safe being who they really are. Sisters lifting each other up. Competition is replaced with sisterly love & encouragement. 


Healthy, vibrant, and alive. Body confident and body aware. Owns her sexuality and sensuality. Loves how she feels in her body. Feels great about who she is – on the inside and the outside. 


What’s more fitting for our brand symbol than the most powerful piece in chess, that can move in any direction and is female to the core? The Queen Chess Piece represents our brand’s core values: female empowerment & limitlessness.

Activewear from Kadyluxe

Furthermore, you will love sexy designs including premium moto leggings, pocket leggings, biker shorts, lounge sets, bomber jackets, and open-back tops. Discover our NFL-inspired collections for the Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Miami Dolphins. Also, Explore our NBA-inspired collections for the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers, and Los Angeles Lakers.

Also, with KadyLuxe licensed brand apparel, you never have to sacrifice fashion to represent your favorite team or college. You will be able to wear the team’s color and apparel to the next game and fit right in. Further, if you are watching your team at home with a glass of wine that you got from the Wine of the Month club.