Grass Feed Nutrient Dense Beef

Grass feed Nutrient-dense beef from Wyoming grass feed shipped from the farm to your door. Cutting out the middleman. Nutrient-dense that will change where you get your meat. From the Western slopes of Big Horn Mountain, there are 40,000 acres of grassland. Where the cow roams free and fattens up naturally. Carter Country Beef started in 1964 and has been building its cattle farm. Which gives us nutrient-dense beef shipped to your door.

Therefore, get the best-tasting meat you will ever enjoy. That hasn’t been grass feed and not fattened up with grain and other products. How would you like to get your meat? We can go to Walmart or Meijer’s where the meat went through too many hands and price-ups. The other way is to get it from the farm and cut out all the middlemen or businesses that jack up the price you pay. Country beef

Difference in meat:

Furthermore, would you eat healthier with higher-quality meat? Dense meat is sent from the farm to your door cutting out the middle man. Therefore, you end up with top quilty meat that is more in the lines of wild. Not grain feed or other products that fatten the cow up. Country beef is all grass-fed beef from 4 to 14-year-old cattle. It is said the older the beef the better it will be on the table. Youtube:

First of all, these are like hunting deer, hogs, and wild game the meat has its taste. Therefore, getting it delivered to your door fresh and ready to cook. Wild game has its taste, which is all-natural and that is the way our meat should taste. Order Up the “BEST BEEF” you have ever Tasted Here!

Grocery store-bought meat:

In the Grocery store, the meat has passed through a lot of feeding to fatten them up. Therefore, the quality of the meat isn’t up to speck. Also, it has water added to it and other things that you don’t know about. Furthermore, you know the same goes for the wine you buy in the supermarket, the mass-produced wines. They put stuff in to speed up the aging instead of naturally made wine which has been aged properly.