Cooking for Two:

Cooking for two can be enjoyable, whether it be a date or time with that special person. Also, room leftover for dessert. Cooking for two can be a lot of fun when most recipes are set for 4 or 6 people. Also, after the kids are out of the house time to cut back the fridge gets leftovers. Therefore cooking for two has a lot of advantages, like meals you can come up with. I have noticed that leftovers in the fridge too long are unhealthy things have had time to grow. Remember how our mothers cooked for an Army and some still do.

I am happy that you are on this journey with me! As my children are on their own it is just the wife and me. So cooking smaller meals for us that are fresh not leftovers, and with the cost going up ways to save. I just buy what I need for the meal anything more goes to waste if not used.

Buying for two:

Furthermore, I have found Birdeye and Freshlite, which have frozen dinners for two. These are quick and easy dinners in 15 minutes, the only other thing is picking the wine with the dinner. These packets are between 4 and 6 dollars. Then there are the fresh vegetables and stir-fry with turkey, chicken, and meat. I always like to have fresh hot bread, garlic, or cheese to go along with rolls.

Therefore, buying for two has its ups and downs but it can be fixed. Also, with fresh vegetables you want to use them right away, to get all the vitamins and nutrition. Yams and sweet potatoes are another good choice and a great salad to start it off. This means that you have to plan the meals and pick up what you need for that day. Remember fresh is better.

Cooking for Two:

Cooking for two is great when you are cooking for someone else the joy I get from cooking. Also. I cook for my wife and me, she still works till she retires in 2024. Therefore, I have dinner ready for her when she gets home. I pick meals that I can cook in 15 minutes and then time that with what time the wife gets home from work.