Cosmetics by Curst Kosmetics

Curst Kosmetics love potion is great for Halloween and nights out if you want to be a Witchy woman or vampire and around town. Also, get the effects of the colors with, Curst Kosmetics, wicked makeup you will love for the witching hour, love potion number 9. Halloween colors, in makeup with amazing colors that will make you out on the town. Also if you are into supernatural and unique colors that set the tone, and freaky ways to express yourself. Furthermore, when you go there change your luck by the spinning of the wheel. I hear that if you use a witch’s cackle or two it helps you get into the mood and have fun.
The Spell Book

Mariel got her first inspiration for makeup while filming the episode “Needful Things” as she was in a crawl space. Wished there was longer-lasting lipstick that didn’t need to be reapplied.

Curst Kosmetics is the Spark You Need:

This is where it all started. Madam has always been inspired by the Supernatural and the Tales of witches. Went on to Create Makeup that is Cruelty-Free With the gift of a Magickal experience with every purchase.

Above all, as you go from the spellbook pallet to the lipstick wand, there are many unexpected delights to play with. Follow the high-quality beauty, that will make your night witchy and fun to show off your fun side.

Crust Cosmetics: It is time to have some fun get out of the rut of life and make new life patterns. This is the time you want to open up to something that is amazing and unique, that is special and different with so much fun. These products are created with incredible care and are all vegan and Cruelty-Free.

Cosmetics by Curst Cosmetics

Have fun and enjoy that you are part of a caring community. You will want to believe in the supernatural, even with the supernatural that spices up the ordinary to make it Extraordinary. This all starts with you. Also, going into the dark, and the supernatural you will get in at any dance floor. Feeling special is only a click away.

Furthermore, after you take a look, you add this to your makeup and Cosmetics collection. There is much more to cover with all these incredible and fun additions to your makeup and spooky shades. As you get ready to go out on the town in your vintage fashion with your cosmetics by Curst Cosmetics. You will be the talk of the party with your witchy makeup and amazing colors.

The PARANORMAL Palette👻 12 spooky shades:

  1. Curst is the archaic spelling of cursed.
  2. We wanted to keep true to the experience with “Curst”.
  3. Lip Potions
  4. Long-Lasting Liquid Matte Lipsticks were Magically brewed for an 8-11 Hr. wear experience.
    It’s magic in a bottle. Available now in 15 shades. 

White noise – shimmer Haunted – matte Evidence – matte Echovox – matte Paranormal – matte with specs of shimmer EVP – matte Bump – matte Entity – shimmer REC – Glitter Portal – Glitter OMG! – Glitter NightVision – Glitter

Curst Kosmetics Lipstick

When you have a glass of wine your lipstick will not be left on your glass. With the great tasting wines come to the wine of the month club that you can get here. With your going to be the talk of the party, with the amazing colors. Furthermore, that will last through the evening, as they ask where you got your makeup. Looking your best is a must that only you can do. Also, as you put the spell on them with the amazing colors and glitter that will make you look witchy.

With all the curst kosmedics the colors have a way of picking up your day. A lipstick that doesn’t smudge or leave a stick on your glass. Which can be embarrassing when wearing the brand’s cosmetics. So look the best you can for that magical moment in time, that brings out you.