Dream Bigger

Dream bigger is something that I have not done for a long time. When I was 10 my mother divorced my dad. That was when I was told I am the man of the house. Therefore, have worked since I was 12 then when I was 17 I joined the Army. Went to Germany in 1966 than in 68 I went to Viet Nam. When I got out in 69 I went to work for GM. An was there for 37 1/2 years and in that time I have had a lot of dream stealers. My first marriage took my dreams after 4 1/2 years. Had two children a girl and a boy. I talk with my son but the daughter I don’t hear from her and my wife now doesn’t get along. And has done things that have hurt my feelings in my heart.

Then I got into Wing Chun in the 70s which is still one I do to this day. As I picked up on Tai chi in my 40s and doing that every sensed. Also, got in trouble from drinking then I decided to get married again and found a beautiful person from the Philippines. We have been married going on 35 years and have two children that are both grown up. One lives nearby and the other one is in the Army and married and has two daughters. Visit them two times a year and the grandbabies.

I lost my dream bigger along the way

See I lost my dreams along the way it started when my parents got divorced I was ten. Then I was told I was the man of the house now that is a lot to drop on a 10-year-old child. See I took care of my brother and two sisters who I don’t talk to or associate with because of their greed and negativity. I always help the family but after years of being there for them, it was never returned. They took but never gave, so I wish not to be associated with them.

So women in my life have taken my dreams and they are hard to talk with or to. Also, I get tongue-tied mess up with words which makes me afraid to speak and talk to people. I know it is me I see a therapist to get my head straight. As I have found out the only one that takes care of me is me. But after I turned 70 I decided that this is the time for me and my dreams. It is going to take a lot of talking to women it is the way they talk that pushes me away. It is their vendetta or meanest that turns me away.

I will be turning 75 soon this is my time and I am going to take my life back. Stop being afraid of what they think or what I am doing it is time for me to take back. I am not getting younger in the last year I have been awaken. I was sick last year with blatter infection and prosrate and the virus it took me 6 months to get my chi back. That has changed my thinking and the path I must take.

Dreams and get them back in my head:

So about 4 and 1/2 years ago I got a call from a man that has made a change in my life. The way he thinks and does is the dream he has inspired me. I have been doing what other wanted me to be. And that wasn’t me but listening to the market guru I have to be me. So I have been work on fixing me and not think what other want me to be. I have started doing more for my health like walking an hour everyday to clear my head and my health.

I have always like helping people in my martial arts to be better now I have help myself. It is all about what the meaning of life is about. One dream is to live to 105 which would be my thirds 35 year goal and enjoy this time being happy. And being around this Rory Ricord has change things in my life to be a better me. See I have another mentor who I have followed for 15 years doing stocks and that is Oliver Velez how has been there lifting me up. I look at the people that do what I wish to be.

Dream bigger taught by mentors:

The angles that where put on this earth to show me the way and keep me on my path. So now I have to work harder then I ever had to, to become a better me. And it has to be freedom in life to be me again. To help my kids and grandkids and be there for them. To enjoy the good things in life, wile I am still on this earth. Also in some way help other who are looking for the same in life. See friends help each other grow with love and kindness, not with hate and anger. Learning how to talk to people better I have lost my way over the years.

  • I am building freedom for myself.
  • To make dreams that no one can destroy for me.
  • The freedom to enjoy life with loved ones, grandkids, great grandkids.
  • To have a life that I never thought was possible.
  • Make new friends most of the ones I know are either dead, moved or not around.

My one dream is to have a motor home to travel the states. Visiting relation that live all around. And take my grandkids along and of course the wife. The other is to have my own homestead place and not depend on the government.

Without dreams there is no goals to reach:

I use to take pill to keep me from dreaming when I sleep. When I got back in 1969 from Viet Nam I use to drink to stop the dreams and getting high. That got me in a lot of trouble did time and paid my dues. Even with all the problems with my first Divorce that took away my dreams. I was ready to go back in the army, the dreams I have where gone.

But know I have found that I have to set goals to to achieve my dreams it isn’t easy when. But I have to start someplace and I chose to find them that do what I am look for and that have done it. See some of us don’t dream big, even with dyslexia I have always picked myself up. I read books but all I see is words and I don’t understand I can read a book 4,5 times. Or more times and don’t have a clue what I read or put it in to my words. Don’t give me a test unless it is verbal so that means I have to work harder. But to help other achieve there dreams and build friendships.

My younger years:

That is the problem in my head, I been on my own sence I was 10 when my parents devorced!!! Was told by my dad that I was the man of the house. Being the oldest I had to watch my brother and sisters, I couldn’t do things. When my parents where together I was in Boy Scouts I learned morse code. But that was taken away when they devoriced, there was my down fall.

I watched my brother and sister get to do things, I had to buy my own clothes. I was working up to 3 jobs a week and school also helped in the house. That was the only way to get out of the house. My mother seemed to punish me for what happen, I got blamed for alot. Got punished but I didn’t see my other siblins get punished. Couldn’t enjoy my young life and went down the wrong path. I use to have dreams when I was young but I was taught how I couldn’t have. So my trust wasn’t there because of the dream stealers like my mother and my first wife.

This is the future that we are working for and to help other along the way is a needed now!!! We should all be striving to move forward in online marketing. With mentors and gurus that lead the way and make it easier for others to achieve goals. There is an old saying that a man fell into a hole, and a monk was walking by and helped him out. Then that man said what do I owe you and the monk replyed help 10 others. And have them help ten others we can change the world together.