DTC Ambassador Global

Welcome, to taking DTC Ambassador Global to the world with a PBS Offer Page in Wines. Therefore as we take wines globally the world it creates an amazing opportunity. Also, being part of a Global Wealth Sharing Team and the fantastic support group to help show you the way. Along with the following steps to your own business.

  1. Global Training. Furthermore, with training 24/7 in a group setting along with 1 on 1 time with your upline. Finally, this is a proven Online Marketing Business for over 12 years also been marketing the wine off-the-month club. Also, over 5 years we are growing and really getting good at it.
  2. Paid Marketing. With this amazing leadership that seeks to promote the welfare of our members. As our leaders, they literally fund Marketing for each of us and our teams to build our business. Also in this global partnership with wine is getaway time along with financial freedom.
  3. Access to Marketing Professionals. Learn a proven way to market that gives you 4 levels to Ambassadors and customers to build your business.

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Live and active counties taking orders:

  1. UNITED STATES (ALL STATES ALLOWING IT -Kentucky to be added here first Quarter TBD)
  3. UK
  5. ITALY
  6. SPAIN


AUSTRALIA coming soon.

OTHERS BY DEMAND. As we are working on completing our European Expansion.

DTC Ambassador Global


-Get in on the Ground Floor opportunities With a Global Company that has an Incredible Opportunity now being opened.

-Ground Floor Opportunity with a Global Company Launched in January 2021. Furthermore, are open to being the first to get you into this great opportunity. We are opening a New Opportunity in SPAIN – Get in at the TOP!

-Furthermore, this is the time to come on board and stake your claim in this NEW TO THE UK business. In addition, this is going to be New to the UK. Which is starting soon and going to be huge and exciting. GET IN SOON


Above all, we are always looking for leaders from all open countries to be involved in our family of wine lovers. Also, get some of the best wines that come out of Napa & Sonoma Valley as we take our wines Global. Furthermore, get the wines delivered to your door with the world of wine lovers worldwide. Become part of a growing business that has been proven for over 12 years.

You will want to be on board with what we have to offer!!! Meanwhile, starting on the ground floor and building a business. Also, we have all the proven tools to get you there, you just have to want a change. You’ll want to be on the Ground Floor of an available Opportunity. As of January 1, 2021.

Therefore, we are searching for people who want to build their business in this incredible opportunity. To have the time to enjoy life and have Financial Freedom to look, forward.


Furthermore, you will want to check out the overview of this fantastic business opportunity. This will get you started on everything you need to get started with this wine business opportunity. With all this, you have just found a home to build your freedom with people who have taken this path. Then what goals and dreams are you waiting for to build your bucket list and change your life? Secondly, a business that can be handed down to your children.

DTC Ambassador Global

As of January 2021!

In fact, we are looking for Leaders to help build our Global Expansion in the UK and across the globe. Also, these are some of the most sought-after Wines from Sonoma & Napa Valley. As we bring it to the Doors of Wine Lovers around the globe and the world. Full Details HERE

Or call our info line (USA – Automated Assistant)

As we grow we are looking for go-getters to take part in this fantastic fun business. Moreover, as we take it Global. At last, looking to have expansion Global as we open in these countries. Soon the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and more countries are to be added. Furthermore, these wines come from Sonoma & Napa Valley some of the best wines on the planet. It has been established in the United States and Canada for years now and bringing these Wines to their doors. Besides, as we share with our Wine Lovers around the globe and grow around the world. Full details at HERE

Finally, as we expand around the Earth and start in the UK in 2021. Fantastic wines from the largest take Wine of the Club and taking it around the World starting with the United Kingdom.