Protect from EMF

EMF or “electromotive force” is invisible, and puts our health and well-being in harm. From the strong electromotive forces protect from EMF that is all around us from our phones, and electricity, to microwaves. This is something that shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to our health and well-being. EMF or “electromotive force” is invisible, and puts our health and well-being in harm. Furthermore, electric vehicles are more and more in demand and they have a bigger battery power supply.

With all the EMF that is in the world and the cause that it brings to carbon base people, animals. We are all-electric that is running our body, from power lines to television. They were developed to improve our lives, but no one knew about the effects it has on humans.

How can we protect ourselves from EMF?

There are 1000s out there to protect us from EMF but do your research. We all want to be safe but first, we have to learn more about what is around us. Electricity is in everything that lives, breathes, and uses such as everyday phones, computers, and TV. Also, the G 5, towers, power electric cables, and fluorescent lights.



tuün™ Resonate is a wearable bio hack designed to help protect your body from rogue EMFs. Just place your tuün™ Resonate pendant around your neck, in your pocket, on your bedside table, or anywhere near you to protect yourself from all sorts of electrosmog coming at you. Protection from EMF

Have you noticed that after a few hours on the computer or game, you feel drained? This is from all the static from the electrical pulses being sent out from all the electrical devices around us. Therefore our bodies carry their electricity as well as absorb what is around us. Also, it is like walking barefoot in the sand you feel grounded relaxed, and at peace. Furthermore, our health is important to us.

Restore my Spectrum, is an EMF that protects you from the electromagnetic field that is in our lives. The world we live in. Therefore, this creates things that disrupt our daily lives, such as computers, cell phones, Television, electric vehicles, and the energy that is in our lives. Some EMFs aren’t harmful, but the majority are that we use every day in our lives.