Erectile Dysfunction:

ED yes Erectile Dysfunction has been around for as long as time. If you are like a lot of us yes I said a lot of us if you have and are one of us. We can help with a safe, effective, painless treatment for this problem. Most men are shy away or don’t want to talk about it and there is no need to. As is said it affects middle-aged men and you are not alone, ED is a physiological condition. As many as 30 million in the USA alone and more around the world.

Erectile Dysfunction and What Causes it in Men?

Plaque build up causes Ed

First of all, this is caused by the reduction of blood flow to the penis. Studies show that keeping an erection is challenging because of the reduced blood flow. Furthermore, it is caused by plaque build-up from the reduced blood flow. This is like a plague building up with the arteries of the heart and our bodies with all the arteries and veins.

With age and time plaque can build up in any of the arteries…including those in the penis.

So What Can We Do?

Nevertheless, there are some popular treatment options, like the blue pill. But all they do is cover the problem like simply band-aids and are a short-term fix. And they don’t take care of the root of the problem and a billion-dollar business.

Erectile dysfunction
That’s a lot of pills!

They are known as vasodilator pills little blue pills or white our short-term treatments. These pills cause the blood vessels to Dilate or Open up the veins to allow more blood flow through. This type of medication only lasts for a short time then you have to take it again.

Also, there are other treatments like Penile Injections is another archaic treatment that we men would have to endure. Getting injections with a vasodilator directly in the penis and the injection is painful. Also, you need a prescription from a doctor again it is painful and very expensive.

As men, we need a treatment that will take care of the underlying issue with plaque build-up.

erectile dysfunction

The treatment removes the plaque and lets the blood flow so there is no longer a problem!

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy you ask? It is a treatment that doctors have been doing for ED or Erectile Dysfunction at their offices. They have been doing it for decades and it is non-invasive, FDA-approved, which is very safe. Which is very effective in breaking up the plaques inside the arteries using sound waves. Therefore, has been used to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels with Sound waves. It can be embarrassing, and indiscreet to go to the doctor’s office to get this treatment. No one wants to go to the doctor’s office and discuss that their penis doesn’t work right.

So Now the Good News…Acoustic Wave Therapy Just Became Personal!!! The PHOENIX is the Answer!

Treatment for erectile Dysfunction

An at-home version of Acoustic Wave Therapy has clinical strength and medical great equipment. This will eliminate plaque as it restores blood flow to your penis. Also, self-treatment is safe, easy, and FDA-approved that can be done in your home. There will be no more going to the doctor’s office and no more prescription and drug-free, and better results.


Enjoy a glass of wine as you get your blood flow!!!