Fun and Wine Starts Here

Fun and Wine go together like kids and dogs! We have found the most amazing way to enjoy, as well as learn. Share the Fun and Wine experience with everyone we can. Welcome to our Wonderful Wine of the Month Club: Also, enjoy Brunch with our family every Saturday at 8 pm (PST) / 9 pm (MST) / 10 pm (CST) / 11 pm (EST) /12 pm (AST) on our “Zoom Meeting Room” / or

This is the most amazing fun you can have, GET STARTED HERE.

Furthermore, fun and wine are what we hope to achieve every Saturday with Brunch. Above all learn about the wine from people that love wine. I am on a great time with friends who like to have fun, like being a kid again. Furthermore, remember when you were a kid it was about having fun. The only difference now it is still about fun but responsible fun as adults.

Furthermore, join in the fun and wine every Saturday. How to tell what wine you can pair with what food? I am always learning about wine, and the stories of what was passed down from family. Also, to see what others come up with to make great wine as well as dining. Moreover, our brunches are done by our members and what they can come up with. As members, we join in on the brunch from recipes of our member that is hosting.

Having friends that think about your life and want to help you to guide and help you to get a better life. Furthermore, you have to commit to a few hours a day and learn like we all have to do. To achieve a better life, a little extra, to have a night out. Our family helps people to achieve their dreams.

Fun and Wine

Also, so you should check it out and see if this kind of life that you’ve been thinking about. You can have it, here at DTC Ambassador and your PBS. Furthermore, have a business where you can work from home and spend more time with family. This is the best thing I have found and I have been in a few, but this one you have to work.