What I did to get my Google AdSense

What it took me to get Google AdSense let’s start over 4 years ago. When I started I didn’t know anything about PBS. When I was building and redoing my pages at first I keep forgetting where I was at. Furthermore, I attend every Zoom meeting and education, When I learned something for my page I would go through and see if I did it.

After a few years, I would start on my pages starting with the first one and work it to the end. Also, I went through my pages 3 times and I said if I had to ask my MSI then it wasn’t ready. Furthermore, I add pages over time I had more of my pages that are me. Also, I heard others had got denied 3 to 7, or 8 times that is what keeps me working on my pages.

Google AdSense fears:

Therefore, I had the fear that I would have to do my pages over again when I applied for Google AdSense. That is why I did my pages till I felt it was to my liking. It took me over 4 years to get here but I am here and it is exciting. So you can imagine waiting for the outcome after applying for it. Then 2 days later I was excited when it said Accepted. Another fear was I hadn’t posted enough pages or I missed one or two.

So the best thing I can say we let out fears control us. I have these anxiety attacks with new people I meet or having to talk to someone. This is one that I will be working on next and post more ads. I knock out one at a time and don’t jump ahead.

I made my pages with the new products this is 5 years worth. Things have changed and so has my pages, and I new I would be giving what to fix. This is still all new see I worked at an Auto factory you do the same thing day after day. It is just a lot to get down and it is always improving so take one step at a time.