Online Home School Program

Home school is on the list for learning what your kids are learning. Having the children right there so you know what they are learning. The time and money saved will put a smile on your face as your kids learn from tutors at home. More people are going to home school the reason why is that schools teach you how to work a job. In the early 19th century, The Rockerfellers needed to build up the workforce for their factory and business.

Furthermore, the education system has been foisted on America since Carnegie and Rockefeller pulled the American farmers. Into their factories in the early years and in 1902, John D. Rockefeller created the General Education Board. At an ultimate cost of $129 million in the early 1900s.

How Public Education is Dummying Down Our Labor Force

Therefore, it is difficult to govern intelligent people. The fact is just a fact. The more intelligent a person is the more likely you will know if you are being fed a bunch of crap. The thing you have to ask yourself is how education in America transformed a system that imparts knowledge. Also, to one that uses behavior modification techniques to influence the beliefs and attitudes of those that pass through it. Therefore it systematically has been creating a nation of workers instead of thinkers that is how it began. Also, the less educated the people are the easier it is to have mass control over the less educated. So ask yourself how beneficial is this for the progress of our country.

Why does the workforce need workers that aren’t that smart? The truth is that anyone is responsible for the management of an organization. Therefore from local businesses to major corporations and there, a primary problem is finding good workers. With even the most basic education or skills to perform any job with a minimum of competency.

General Educational Development Test provided major funding for schools across America. This is very influential in shaping the current school system we have today. Rockefeller put it, “he didn’t want a nation of thinkers, he wanted workers.”What is more compelling is the words of Frederick T Gates, who was a business advisor to Rockefeller. We shall not try to make these people or their children into philosophers or people of learning or science. They didn’t want people that would rise among them authors, poets, or people of letters. Said they will not search for embryo artists, painters, or musicians.

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Homeschooling is time for a reality check. We the people have started to properly educate the next generations to work smarter. As a result, the more educated one becomes this creates better choices one will have, period. The choices I made after school and the servers put me in the workforce as my parents were part of the workforce. So in the 21st century will not be those who can’t read or write but rather those that can’t unlearn and relearn.

More about Home School:

Where: The Global Zoom Room. Enter the Zoom Meeting Room: 267 159 642. As well as the location on the YouTube Channel to access the live Broadcast of the Wednesday training.

When: Every Wednesday Evening. 5:30 pm PST / 6:30 pm MST / 7:30 pm CST / 8:30 pm EST / 9:30 pm AST.

What To Bring: Yourself as well as friends along with an Open Attitude to Progressive change so bring Family and colleagues. We as members help each other and the new people who see their Dream. Therefore this will be rolling out in the USA as well as Australia in August.

Home Schooling for All the Advantages:

Home Environment as well as Security: Parents are involved, with Teachers along with the curriculum. We have qualified teachers to allow for the children. Furthermore with absolute oversight by the Parents.

Virtual: For instance say you can travel with family, the education is available. Also if there is internet access, then Learning is available! Also, take family vacations when others are in school, less crowds, and more freedom to enjoy.

Extra-curricular as well as sports Activities are still Available: Everything is explained every Wednesday if you have questions they will be answered.