Inpersona and Helo

Welcome to Inpersona and Helo where the Web 3.0 projects are running now. Keep your health data safe and protected and utilized across the blockchain.

Did you know that Big Teck uses your data to make money off your information? Do they control and release your unprotected health data? They release your data to insurance companies, restate, and people who have no rights to your information. The privacy of our information is open source and available to the highest bidder. We have a global solution, it is Inpersona and Helo Devices.

Here is a presentation below:

Let’s get you started with your own Helo Device and the ability to control your Health Data. So keeping healthier and getting rewarded for doing so is a plus in my book. This is the wave of the future and staying healthy and keeping it private is what we should want.

This information is also up to date and available on the Inpersona.Com Page Here:

It begins with you downloading the free Inpersona App from the Google Play Store or Apple iStore.

Get it on Apple Here:

Get it on Google Play Here:

Now that you have the App, set up a New Account after you run or open the App. From here you will need an “INVITE CODE” that you get from us or anyone connected to the Inpersona App already.


Also, we share this wave that takes us into the future and solves a huge series of issues. That deals with our health Data Sovereignty and keeps it safe. You will want to get your invite code which is available below. Get with me for the code.

Furthermore, if we haven’t updated quickly enough, be sure to contact us. Reply to our E-Mail system ( Or register to the right).FACEBOOK (GO HERE)Instagram (GO HERE). You can also call us at the RRR247 Support Line at 1-877-310-5353. You will be able to talk with one of our great Instructors for guidance and get going as well. See more on our great community here:

Then you will want to set up your Crypto Wallet within the Inpersona App. First of all, create your Wallet to get paid out in Rewards and USDV tokens (This is Cash Folks). There is more to this Cryptocurrency world, as we offer training and education going into the future for all. Sovereignty and MACRO Value that we Create with our Health Data and Yes this is AWESOME!

We will walk you through the 4 simple steps. This will include setting up your passphrases (for securing your wallet) and being ready to take notes. This you will want to write down to keep for later as needed.

3 Options for setting up your wallet:

OPTION 1 (SET UP YOUR NEW WALLET) This is what you want to do.

OPTION 2 and 3 involve importing your existing wallets. We recommend setting up a new wallet with everyone we work with.

4 Select your level of NFT. This where we need to do some explanation is in order. The NFT is where we store the actual Sovereign Data. Watch this Presentation on the NFT process.

When you look at the NFT, you have an understanding of what and how it works. The higher the NFT the more Mining and the more you have to Gain in this Process.

These steps will get your NFT Set Up:

  1. From your Inpersona App select the “GLOBE” that is at the bottom of the Screen.
  2. As you will be presented with a “Decentralized” Web Browser within this app.
  3. Apple Users will need to type in and then hit the “GO’ Button. And Android Users ( we have you covered) and is ready for you. You just have to hit the “Go Button”.
  4. This will take you to the NEXT Page and show what NFTs are available for you.
  5. Pick your NFT. Also, the higher the level, the better it performs in the Mining Process.
  6. When you select your NFT you will be walked through the Purchase Process. NOTE: If you need help with this aspect, please see TROUBLESHOOTING below. Working in the Crypto World, there may be specifics that will be necessary based on where you live and the Financial tools ( Credit Cards or Crypto) that you use at your disposal. THIS ISN’T THE TIME TO FORGET IT AND MOVE ON, this is the time to engage and learn. This is something you don’t want to miss out on.
  7. Once you have completed your NFT Purchase, it is time to get your Helo Device to connect to the NFT. You will see your NFT ” after it is minted” on your persona home page. Also, if you don’t see it then you need to change your “CHAIN” on your Vyvo Smart Chain. Or Polygon, Binance Smart Chain depending on where you are located. On which Smart Chain is your level 3NFT located?
  8. From Inpersona, they will generate and send you an email to you that will contain your Free Voucher. Also, get your code for your device which can be received at as spelled out in the email.

Now it is time to get your Helo Device Activated, as explained above, and sent to you. You can activate it in the App, which is sent to you with step-by-step instructions.

From here it is worn and earned also Shared with others using your invite code. That is from your Hud Console as part of the NFT process. Use PROMO CODE; INP817462427 when ordering your device.


If you happen to have any issues at all, our team is here to support you on this. Also, the internal support team at Inpersona and Helo are there for you. Just submitting a ticket to the Inpersona APP itself helps. Furthermore, enter into our EMAIL System to the right and register. Also, will get in touch to assist you in getting it done correctly.