More Than Muse

Welcome to more than muse with the wine we get each month delivered to our doors. With wines from Napa and Sonoma Valley and our Rose Wine from Wine Ambassadors. This is the wine of the Goddess of creation and the passion that is put into making this wine.

With Inspiration in a Bottle is our More Than Muse wines. These Fine Wines have a sequence with the production that takes time. Every glass will feel touched by the Goddess through their influence and passion of Muse in every glass.

more than muse

Our members of DTC Ambassador are the only ones available for these wines. If you would like access to these amazing wines simply enroll here and gain access. Gain access to Member’s Pricing and these incredible wines as we all learn more about wines

Also throughout the year, our members at DTC get new-release wine like the Rose’ from 2019. With the MoreThanMuse label, and have a steady supply of Inspiration throughout the year. I am sipping the Rose 2019 as I write this, I love its taste and smooth flavor. And I get this every month delivered to my door and it is what our members get each month.

Together as humans, we face life’s challenges every day, it is how we celebrate that makes for the right moment. Furthermore have the right More Than Muse Wine available to give thanks for it life that we enjoy and live. Further enjoy life in the best of ways from tragedies, to conquests we have earned in our endeavors.

More Than Muse and Wine.

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Above all you can find inspiration out of the great bottles of wine; you won’t find anything like our More Then Muse Wines. These specials are made with a solid purpose and that is To Empower women and men. As we work towards enlightenment to others for success that can help the whole world. Furthermore, we have started on this journey in this adventure with each More Than Muse Bottle of wine. As it is released into the world to be shared with them that is seeking inspiration of fine wines.

Like having a glass of wine with a romantic movie or novel. Further, look for them to be inspired by the love and passion muse with every bottle of this food of the goddesses. To have and enjoy this with a loved one as you have dinner by candlelight and a bottle of Rose 2019 More Then Muse.

As a member of this fantastic DTC Ambassador club, I get these fine wines each month. In the process, I learned more about wine and pairing which wines with what meal. We have to treat ourselves to our accomplishments and when we start small we can do anything.

Looking for that little pick up in your day have you tried Velovita the Bran food?