Kudo Kettle Protein Popcorn:

Kudo kettle protein popcorn: Have you ever felt guilty when you are snacking with protein popcorn, will change the way you eat popcorn. It is a guilt-free snack that you will want to have around, Once you run out you will wish you ordered more!!!! Got kids and when they are getting on your nerves just open a bag of Kudo and watch how they change.

Furthermore, protein popcorn is gluten, peanut-free, 100% whole grain, with no preservatives, artificial flavors, to trans fats. Also, it is a keto friend. Say goodbye to high-calorie microwave popcorn, and hello to 50 calories per cup. Therefore at the bottom of the bag when you are done there are no kernels Where did they go? You will have to get your own to find out.

High protein low carb snacks

Furthermore, with high protein and low carb snacks, you can’t argue with!!!

  1. 10g protein
  2. Gluten-free
  3. Zero Trans Fat
  4. 100% whole grain
  5. Keto friendly
  6. Non-GMO
  7. 10% fewer carbs than traditional popcorn

10 PROTEIN per cup, 50 CALORIES per cup 8 NET CARBS, 4 FIBER


Our commitment to natural flavors and real ingredients — combined with meticulous testing — creates a snack that tastes so good, you wouldn’t think it was healthy. Also, they say this snack is so healthy for you and tastes, that if you put one on your forehead your tongue will go crazy trying to get it. Or even better late night movie a glass of wine and some Kudo and that special person!!!
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Also, we only work with reputable vendors with all the ingredients, so we can guarantee that our KUDO snacks are gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, and non-GMO. A healthy snack for those on a diet, or just getting back in shape, or that little break from work.