Tailgating QB54

Tailgating with QB54, so what is QB54 it is a tailgating football game that can be played stadium parking lot. Or in the backyard, during family outings, adults and kids play together and do some bonding. When the adults stop to rest they can watch the kids play or become the refs. With your collage colors or team colors, which have their caring case that fits in the trunk of your car. It is so versatile and can be played anywhere, sandy beaches, parks, vacant lots, or parking lots. Who wants to come home after a vacation and not be happy with spending time with the family? Also, learn the rules of the game and change them to fit your style of play. There are many styles of Tailgate but only one set up with rules and football, with chairs.

The family gatherings should be filled with something that the whole family can do. This creates positive feed and sportsmanship and helps in our growth. It is all about the memories that we make till the end of time, like when our dads took us fishing. These are memories that will be in our hearts and minds, so let’s make them great. As the official stadium chair game where both kids and adults can communicate and have fun.

Tailgating fun

Have you ever gone to a game and seen Frisbees, soccer balls, cornhole, and basketball these all take space. The other thing is that in the other game, only so many can play. With QB54 everyone gets to play as refs and players or stand on the sidelines cheering on the adults and kids. The stadium chair QB54 is the only one that you can have your team color your favorite NFL or Collegiate team.

Fun Outdoor Activities 

When summer is here and you want the kids out of the house, set up your stadium chairs. Let them have fun in the yard with the neighbor kids. This goes for fresh air and sunshine and peace of mind when they are not underfoot. You will be the parents where the fun always seems to be, as the neighbor kids come to have fun. And ladies we didn’t forget about you we have Kadyluxe activewear for the cheerleaders that will turn up the heat. Summer Camps, Community Centers, and Church Activities among other places to enjoy the stadium chair game. Especially when they have church bible studies, summer school, and activities throughout the year.

Tailgating with QB54

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Tailgating Chairs

Just think of the place that could benefit from QB54. Summer camps, church activities, Girl and Boy Scouts, clubs, and much more. Building your commination skills with kids and adults is something that is lost in us all. These brothers came up with this amazing game that is taken by storm, along with your favorite team. Just think if you have a family that half belongs to one team and the other to their team. Furthermore one could have one team color and the other team colors and logos to make the game more fun.

Learning Skills

With the tailgate stadium chairs, you can change the rules for a learning lesson. Like having to say please and thank you, or have to answer a question and points if they make a goal. Therefore you can change the rule to work for different learning and skills available to you. Furthermore, the kids will be getting fresh air and away from their phones and video games. This is so much healthier for young minds and can benefit from it too.