SHG Saving and Benefits

SHG savings and benefits get all your insurance, travel, shopping, as well as dining out all in one place that has amazing benefits for everyone. With the amazing Savings as well as Benefits Program that you get here with RRR247. Also, from benefits on things we already have and use. Therefore, when you see what we are talking about it will blow you away.

  • The Costs, as well as Benefits you get here at RRR247, are going to help so many people and gain a hand up. Also, to open your time up build more resources for building True Time along with Financial Freedom with the RRR247 Program.
  • Getting Health and home Auto Insurance allows more money to be put toward other things. Along with money to cover some of the overhead to run your Business here at RRR247.
  • Therefore as a business, you will have Travel Benefits that will allow you a Better Experience for the Value. There is so much more to help others to achieve their dreams and reach Financial Freedom.

Savings and Benefits as Members

There are three levels of Membership starting with Gold, Platinum, and Titanium before the fill-up. Which plan is right for you, start with the gold for $20 and the benefits you get will pay for themselves. If you are hesitant it is time to take action and start with the gold and see the benefits. TAKE ACTION that $ 20 can potentially be the start of Wealth with the RRR247 Program. There is a Massive Opportunity with these benefits programs that are here at RRR247. You will get 850,00 Hotel Discounts and benefits on Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment and save.

  • 850,000 Hotel Discounts: These are savings that are only available to “big-time” Travelers.
  • Discounts on Entertainment, Shopping, and Dining:

PLUS YOU GET Savings and Benefits:

  • Auto & Home Insurance: In almost every case our Members Save with Auto and Home Insurance. Therefore these are the best “Group and Member” Rates. With RRR247, even as a GOLD Membership you Gain Access to these “MEMBER ONLY” Rates for Auto and Home Insurance.
  • Eat Play Shop Travel: Expanded Program that allows for Savings in where you Eat, Play, and Travel. This is an incredible portal of savings and benefits for our Members.
  • Prescription Savings: This is a Prescription Drug Savings Program for our Members. Indeed, it is incredible.
  • Domains, Hosting & SSLs: Great Costs are Made Available for these Services through the Membership Options. NOTE: With RRR247, we have our System that comes with Hosting, SSL, as well as Domain. Though for additional Services, or Businesses, this is an incredibly LOW-COST way to benefit.
  • Name Brand Shopping Discounts: Specialized Savings from huge Name Brands for our Members. These are exclusive savings. Places that NEVER seem to offer discounts do with our Membership.
  • Health and Dental Insurance: We are beyond “Thrilled” with this. This is a true GROUP RATE for our Incredible and Large Membership. We are creating a way for more as well as more Individuals and Families to have Health and Dental Coverage that they can truly afford. Therefore, at RRR247 we are about Creating Time and Financial Freedom; when you are Self-employed. Indeed WE HAVE ACCESS to some incredible solutions with this. Furthermore, this is the game changer that stops many from living as well as the Dream they want.
  • We are training on these all the time! Also, you will realize it is far more valuable than the Price of the Membership Access.

Software Savings and Benefits:

  • Credit Repair Software: This alone is worth several times the Monthly Cost of the Membership. This is a program that helps to remove items from your Credit Report. Furthermore, it helps raise your Credit Score through documentation and following the legal system with proper Action Items. We are thrilled to have this addition. Also. included in the GOLD MEMBERSHIP Level with RRR247. NOTE: We LOVE this as we can get more of our RRR247 Family Members into the IBO Program. Allowing the $750 a Month to Bless more and more Members. (See Your Instructor For Details).
  • Zoom Discount: This is an Incredible Deal. Only for Members. The benefits of the ZOOM Meeting and Webinar Program are so Incredible. That is ONLY AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS. There is an RRR247 VERSION that has added benefits. (See your RRR247 Instructor for Details).
  • Lower Business Bills: This Program helps with Business Costs to Lower them through Incredible Member Pricing Programs. Examples of Bills that can Be Lowered through this Program Include 1. MOBILE / CELL PHONE. 2. TELECOM. 3. TV. 4. INTERNET. 5. LANDLINE. 6. SATELLITE TV. 7. SATELLITE RADIO. 8. PAYROLL. 9. MERCHANT ACCOUNTS. 10. SECURITY SYSTEMS. 11. STORAGE UNITS. 12. WEB SERVICES. 13. WASTE MANAGEMENT. 14. LAWN CARE. 15. PEST CONTROL. 16. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES. 17. SUBSCRIPTIONS & MEMBERSHIPS. 18. WATER DELIVERY (5-GALLON BOTTLES, ETC.) 19. LINEN AND UNIFORM CLEANING. 20. STAFFING. 21. HEATING OIL. 22. PROPANE GAS. 23. OTHER RECURRING BILLS


Savings and Benefits:

  • Auto & Home Insurance:
  • Eat Play Shop Travel:
  • Name Brand Shopping Discounts:
  • Prescription Savings:
  • Health and Dental Insurance:
  • Domains, Hosting & SSLs:
  • Credit Repair Software:
  • Zoom Discount:
  • Lower Business Bills:

RRR247 Marketing Family

THIS IS SOMETHING FOR ANYONE Looking to Create Time and Financial Freedom:

Therefore, Benefits you get with RRR247 Marketing Family as we market worldwide. We are here to help a lot of families with this amazing opportunity. This is a system, not a subjection, that has the core values that RRR247 has.

If you would like to be a part of the RRR247 Marketing Family, you need to go here and get to know what we offer. Also, you should register to the Email System located to the right of this Article. Reply to any of the emails for direct contact to become a part of this.

Also, the Benefits you get at RRR247 and Savingshighwayglobal can give you freedom. As a member, you will find none better to grow your own business. Indeed the help of the family helps in reaching your goals. We are looking for people who want to change the direction of life and financial freedom. Furthermore, there are so many benefits to being part of the RRR247 family, that can give you financial freedom.

SHG Savings as well as Benefits:

Therefore, as you look through what is offered. You will find some things are better and some are not. Like if you got great benefits from your job, military, government, as well as your own business. Like insurance for autos, homes, indeed all the things we need to live by. Also, check out travel as well as the savings in other areas. Therefore, I checked out the car insurance and got a savings of $ 800 house wasn’t that much of a difference.

Indeed it is worth your time to check out what else you get with SHG. Along with flights, hotels, as well as car rentals, there is so much under SHG. You will be glad that you checked out what all is offered, I am still going through what all they have. Furthermore, it is all in one place as well as the package and discounts. Therefore if you have a smartwatch you will be able to talk with a doctor without going to see them. Also, no official charges or office visits.

Indeed if you own your own business, you can have your employees get it as well as make money. This will pay for itself as you get others interested in what is offered here. We are out to make the world a better place, as we help others achieve their goals as well as their dreams. Meanwhile, at RRR247 we get the best for our members, as well as our Family to your family