Skin Healing Balm:

A Healing balm from Miel is natural and helps in healing the skin from rashes, scraps, stretch marks, and tattoos. All-natural Healing Balm, heals your scars, stretch marks, tattoos, and baby rashes. As we get older our skin changes into our 60s and 70s mine seems to be thinner. Along with other things that come with old age, it is arthritis and joint problems. I am always looking for something that helps me stay healthy and full of energy. I find some that work and some that don’t and recommend the ones that work best for me.

The balm heals and is safe for babies to adults. MIEL now valuable to the public to heal the skin from damage. Furthermore, this is a product, Miel is a healing that has been around for 4 years. Also, with direct-to-consumer, we bring this balm to the consumer. This is organic and safe for a baby’s skin, as it heals the skin naturally.

Fine Line Tattoo

Therefore, fine-line tattoos you will like the way it beautify and heal your fresh tattoos. Helps with preventing infection as well as scabs. This is what you find in a high-end spa, not in stores. Develop for women and men old or young Miel is absorbed into the skin and heals within. In addition to healing the skin with breathable as well as natural products. Find it here:

Healing Balm

Recovery process never-ending? Itchy?…Not pretty? We hear you. Sick of petroleum-based ointments, we created esthetician-approved, nutrient-rich formulas clinically proven to cut heal-time in half. Our intentionally selected ingredients instantly soothe and support compromised skin, achieving your most beautifully healed results, yet.


There’s never a more important time to give exceptional care and support than when it has been freshly compromised. Our mild, clean ingredients are chosen for their known abilities to soothe, hydrate, and protect even the most sensitive of skin for beautiful healing.

Therefore, I have been using the healing balm for my arms and arthritis it is helping with bruises. I get them on my arms when I bump into or hit something as well as my elbows. Also as we grow older our skin thins and it doesn’t take much of a bump and there is a bruise. However, I have been using the balm for about six days and my hands feel better.

Skin healing

Therefore, I have noticed the way the balm absorbers into the areas where it is applied. In fact, there is no greasy mess like with oil-based or petroleum products. That leaves a Vaseline feeling and can’t air to breathe. Whereas, Miel absorbed which leaves your skin breathable which helps in healing. Stay tuned for the progress and updates on the healing.