Tai Chi and Wing Chun

Tai Chi is a meditation form that brings the mind and body together in harmony. It is a never-ending learning in progress. That develops oneself into a better person, with an understanding of oneself, in mind and body.

Also, Tai Chi is something I started over 30 years ago. However, it is a meditation that is a moving form. Nowadays we have so much going through our minds, the Chinese say you have a monkey mind. So to start with you have to stretch and loosen up, and do the form. It is the only slow movement that leads to Tai Chi meditation. The form is done slowly and continues at the same pace as a butterfly working its way out of the coon. It is getting the mind and body working together to create peace within and calm the mind.

Also, once you learn it no one can take it away, it is with you and in you. As we grow older our bodies change and Tai Chi meditation helps to change with the times. Above all calming the mind takes us away from our daily frustrations and find peace within. Furthermore, some people go their whole lives without a peaceful mind, they have too many things they worry about. Like paying bills, where the next meal will be, and having a roof over your head.

Tai Chi

It is easy to take a life but trying to save one is harder but a lot better way to live. That is one reason I do Tai Chi, to have alone time with the form and my mind. The form can take 15 to 30 minutes to complete, it is not like the other forms. Also, other styles are used for fighting and protecting one’s self and family. They all have their good sides the thing is finding a good teacher, someone who knows their craft. Also, it takes time for you to go someplace, what are you doing with your extra time?

Furthermore, you learn Tai Chi you learn the short form and do that for a couple of years. Then advance to the long form. So if you start Tai Chi you will want to plan on making it a lifetime journey. Also, where it will take you? Also, everyone is in a hurry to be someplace which causes tension in one’s body and mind. What matters is what you do today and how you make it better for yourself.

When I do my tai chi I like the peace in the flow of the movements. Some say it is like your movements are in the water. It is like standing in water up to your neck and doing the movements. Which are slow because of the resistance of the water.

Wing Chun

First of all Wing Chun was started over 400 years ago, and developed by women. Further took the best movements from the Shaolin monks. In the first place, it is meant for the streets for your protection. Furthermore, it is close in combat to protect oneself from threats by others. I learned the Bruce Lee style from DeMiles and James Clark, I started that up in the late 70s, that’s been 47 years of studying Wing Chun.

Furthermore, these are the workouts I like doing for health and the body, as we get older we lose muscles. So I stay busy for 1 to 2 hours a day. 6 days a week 3 for Wing Chun and 3 days for tai chi. This is something I wish to do I enjoy the movement in both systems. They are both soft arts in other words we work on our chi and develop it to a higher level.

In Wing Chun, there is a different meditation like paper, candle, setting, and laying. The idea is to lose the thoughts and concentrate on your breathing. Some of us count or recite a short saying or count our breath. Wing Chun, has a slow movement with the form to get the Chi stronger in one’s self. These are the ones I study and Wing Chun I have been studying for over 50 years. All martial arts are good for you but you have to make sure that they are legit and qualified. So check them out before you commit.

Wing Chun has 4 forms and weapons, the forms are short and done in a minute to 15. It isn’t like other arts where you learn a whole lot of forms they have their good and bad. They are what is called hard forms and Tai Chi and others are soft forms. I have taught my kids and had them take different styles but the Wing Chun is what I train with them.