The Watch that pays you for wearing it

A watch that pays you to wear it. This is the future health care that you put on your wrist. You can talk with your doctor and not leave your home or on vacation. By the way, this is the last watch you will ever want to wear.

Medical-grade sensors give you Ultimate control of your life. Watch 2 is easy to understand and delivers information on the critical parts of your life. With industry-leading features that are empowered with some unique medical grade, with fingertip sensor and patent-pending. With additional clinical-grade sensors for your health and keeping track of your vitals.

The watch that pays you.

VyvoWatch Generation 2 is just the right approach. Furthermore, it was built to capture superior PPG signals, anytime, anywhere. Therefore it’s the side sensors that enable medical-grade measurements that will amaze you. Along with improved data accuracy for ECGs, blood Oxygen measurements, and vascular aging.

Furthermore, Generation 2 combines continuous monitoring as it is worn on your wrist. With your Blood Pressure, body temperature, and SpO2, along with many other fitness and health parameters. Therefore it is easy and convenient, that be ready to take on life with you in charge.

One tap to VyvoPay. With your watch, you can make payments, and the VyvoPay Band and check it out virtually. Any NFC Contactless terminal payment worldwide. Learn more here

Your VyvoWatch Generation 2 provides some great opportunities to earn VyvoToken. With all-new Hardware with increased anonymized data generated.  Learn more here

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The watch that pays you.

With the Medical-Grade Sensors that gives you the ultimate control of your life. Furthermore, Watch 2 delivers easy-to-understand information on many of the critical aspects of your life. Along with the industry-leading features that are empowered with unique medical grades. Also, fingertip sensor, and patent-pending with additional clinical-grade sensors.

First of all, generate rewards every time you use your Vyvo 2 devices. Therefore the significance of maintaining and continuously connecting as well as the flourishing Vyvo sales. However, both of these affect raising the value of the database. Along with augmenting the client’s payments via selling Big Data on the blockchain.

These conditions have allowed Vyvo to define an innovative reward system for all. That the Vyvo device wearers, based on the number of anonymized data produced and hashed on the Blockchain.

Above all, the older we get the need a device that keeps track of all our vitals. The Vyvo watch does all that and puts it in the cloud. On the other hand, your Doctor can have all your stats, and you don’t have to go into the office.

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