Jesus changed water to Wine:

Jesus changed water to wine: It is true what is said in the bible, Wine has been around since the time when Adam and Eva. Fine winemakers have been developing great wines through time. At DTCA we have some of the best wines that are made by our own master winemakers. Our wines are aged the proper way all-natural. As members, we get our wine delivered to our doors each month, and shipped from the Wearhouse to our door.


Wine and Vinery

The benefit wine is made the right way and doesn’t touch our lips before it’s time. Furthermore, red wine has health benefits that are known the world over. I myself enjoy these wines with food, and in some places, wine is considered food. At DTCA we learn about wines and the food that is paired with our great wines. A glass of wine before a talk with your wife or business is more enjoyable when you have a glass of wine.

Fine wines are made properly, they are not mass-produced! It tastes the same year after year and did you know they use poisons to get it to the shelf faster? Fine wines take years to mature and are made the right way. Just like the tannins are made by aging not by adding poison to age it faster.

Jesus changed water to Wine:

Grapes need water to grow healthy vines and produce grapes for fine wine. That is why some of the best wines come from Napa and Sonoma Valley in Northern California. They are some of the most sought-after wines in the world. Some of which take years and as long as 8 years to get to perfection.

We are all living healthier and looking for the next best thing for our health. Looking for the fountain of youth we have here to bio-hacking product that works in weeks. Also, see your hair, nails, and skin improve and feel younger. Living free with healthy products and clean water helps on the inside to live longer. Putting clean water free of bacteria is top of my list and products that are healthy.

Water to Wine:

Therefore, it takes water to make the grapes, and the earth to grow. Also, the sun shine to grow but without water nothing grows. Furthermore, This is one of the finer things in life that we can enjoy with foods from the earth. I love wine that is made naturality with no additives like the mass produced that taste the same. Where fine wines taste deferent because of where how it is grown and aged.

Not only used for cooking water is used in drinks which can bring the taste out. Also in fine wines, you want the purest of water to not hamper the taste. It is the same as Moonshine they need the purest water to make the best shine. Furthermore, we need to drink the purest water for our bodies inside like a hot cup of tea. So what is one thing we need to survive and that would be water?