What is my why!!!

What is my why!!! That is the question, one is to help others achieve their goals, and build a business that can give enjoyment by helping others. Learning how to set my goals, and working on a plan that gets me to where I am going. I learned how to talk to people with manners and learning how to build trust and relationships with people, and work on my bad habits. Confronting my fears and getting to better my life, all starts with positive thinking and being around positive people

I think about it a lot what am I putting here for, am I taking the right path in my life? Every day I think about what I am here for. Also with my monkey mind and every day, I work on doing what is right.  Am here for my wife and kids and grandkids, two boys and one girl, 7 grandkids, and two great-grandkids. One daughter disowns me except when they need help otherwise I am not.

What is my why!!!

My other why is to be financially ok if and when social security, because it can be taken away with the stroke of a pen. I don’t communicate well with others, and that scares me, I get loud sometimes and sometimes I think I have to get love back into my life. Something I have to do is get my life back and organize it so I can become a better person.

I have been working on my why. It isn’t easy when you haven’t had a dream or goal. It’s like going to the airport and asking for a ticket they are going ask where are going!!! But I have lost my dream of being around negative people and things. So I started to learn how to dream again and set goals instead of living day by day. I can’t think big I have to start small on goals and work up to big ones once I learn more about myself.

Having a dream and what is my why:

See it is hard to dream when you have worked for over 40 years and then retired for the last 15 years. Therefore, I have to start by reading more, not watching TV shows, or being better organized. To do that I have to build out a game plan with goals, some call it a vision board. So if you don’t know what you want in life it is time to start. I am on my third 35-year run the first two I spent most of my working for General Motors.

Also, I am trying to build something that gives me the freedom to travel. And enjoy the later years of my life doing what I like, with my wife. Through the years, like some, I grew up in the country and my mother divorced my dad. That was when I was about ten. Therefore I had to grow up fast because I had to take care of my brother and 2 sisters. I started working when I was 12 as a cady for a golf course. and other jobs and join the armed services.

Nevertheless my why is to be a marketer and I have learned along the way. As a result, I work with people that are doing what I want. I have found that in two that are masters of the game and it all starts with a plan. Meanwhile, learning how to talk all over again, and be nice and not angry. That is we have to start someplace and why not improve one’s self?